BC e-bike rebate launching today: 5 things to know

 BC e-bike rebate launching today: 5 things to know

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BC e-bike rebate program was launched earlier today and the response has already broken the official website. We discuss what is this electric bike program by British Columbia and key points to know.

The government of British Columbia has rolled out an exciting new e-bike rebate program with a commendable mission. And it is to make electric bikes more affordable and accessible to residents across the province. Specifically, this program aims to put sustainable transportation within reach for more citizens. The provincial government is offering attractive rebates on eligible e-bike purchases, effectively slashing the cost of these fantastic eco-friendly rides.

It’s a nice opportunity to hop on board the e-bike revolution and enjoy the benefits it brings. Let’s dive into the key details here.

1. What is this BC e-bike rebate program?

The e-bike rebate program was launched earlier today, i.e. on June 1, 2023.

The provincial government of British Columbia has set aside CA$6 million in rebates for this new program. To clarify, the government is making these rebates available only to a maximum of 9,000 individuals from the province.

The rebate program, that allows thousands to lower the cost of their e-bike purchase, will be administered by the Scrap-It Society.

2. How is this program different from any other?

Unlike previous programs, the rebate is accessible to people without the need to scrap an earlier car. 

To ensure residents feel safe and confident while embracing e-biking, the Province has also teamed up with HUB Cycling. Together, they’re bringing the Streetwise Cycling Online program and in-person courses all across the province. The aim is to help people master essential bike-handling skills like hand signals, balancing, and expert maneuvering.

To be sure, there are other several electric bike incentives available across Canada. A summary of most incentives and rebates available as of March 2023 is listed by Electric Autonomy. However, the latest program by BC is one of the most generous e-bike rebate programs in Canada.

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3. Why has the government launched this BC e-bike rebate program?

British Columbia’s e-bike rebate program is more than just about saving money. It’s aimed to be a powerful support system for the Province’s ambitious CleanBC goals. By encouraging a shift towards active transportation and public transit, this program hopes to pave the way for a greener future.

E-bikes are a useful tool in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions, providing a convenient alternative to traditional motor vehicle trips. With their speed, convenience, and accessibility, e-bikes offer a whole new level of freedom and range of travel on the road.

“E-bikes are becoming commonplace in BC as a convenient alternative to motor-vehicle trips, but their price can put them out of reach for people. By making rebates available and basing the rebate amount on income, we can make e-bikes and clean transportation more affordable and accessible for everyone.”

Rob Fleming, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, British Columbia

In recent times, other countries have also introduced rebate programs for electric bikes. For example, just a few days ago in the US, Minnesota launched its US$4M program, which came just weeks after Colorado’s own US$12M program.

4. Who can avail this rebate?

Residents of the province who are older than 19 can avail this rebate program, which will be based on a person’s income.

The range of rebates available from the government are generous: from CA$350 to maximum CA$1,400. To qualify for the fantastic opportunity, residents need an e-bike with a minimum purchase price of CA$2,000 before taxes. The amount of rebate is dependent on a person’s net income from their Revenue Canada notice of assessment.

The program makes it even more affordable to own an e-bike after BC removed the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) on e-bikes and e-trikes in the 2021 Budget. That move was widely supported by the ecosystem participants, including the Union of BC Municipalities, HUB Cycling and the BC Cycling Coalition.

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5. How has the response been from residents?

The wider expectation was that the rebate program was going to be popular. Clearly, it was indeed, as the official application website crashed on Thursday morning with 404 errors, as reported by residents on social media.

Of course, there are other voices on the other side, who believe the rebate is not enough due to high increase in e-bike prices in recent years.

It should be noted that a list of Canada’s most well-known e-bike manufacturers are based in the province. These include Pedego Canada, Surface 604, Ohm Electric Bikes, and Electric Fat Bike Company, which have HQs in British Columbia.

And retailers were already reporting a marked increase in footfalls of residents inquiring for new purchases.

Interested residents of British Columbia can apply for the e-bike rebate here: http://bcebikerebates.ca/

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