GV funds Cognosys AI with CA$2M to drive growth of AI agents

 GV funds Cognosys AI with CA$2M to drive growth of AI agents

Image courtesy: Cognosys

Advancements in artificial intelligence technology are driving innovation and transforming industries across Canada, helping it AI landscape to flourish. In latest news, Sangeen Zeb of Google Ventures has led a CA$2M seed round in Vancouver-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup Cognosys AI.

Guillermo Rauch (CEO, Vercel), Amjad Masad (CEO, Replit), Aidan Gomez (CEO, Cohere), and Ivan Zhang (CTO, Cohere) also participated. In addition, Yohei Nakajima (BabyAGI), Managing Partner of Untapped VC, also invested in the round.

With the newly acquired funds, Cognosys aims to propel its growth trajectory by expanding its team, refining its platform, and enhancing its AI capabilities. As part of its strategic expansion, Cognosys will soon provide direct support for Google’s Palm APIs and Cohere’s powerful API. Further, it aims to also support Anthropics’ Claude models in a production environment.

“This is not just about integrating advanced APIs – it’s about shaping the future of the AI agent industry and revolutionizing how people interact with technology.”

Homam Malkawi, Co-founder at Cognosys

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Cognosys AI is helping bring the AutoGPT or AI Agent revolution

The innovative web-based AI agent tool, Cognosys AI, aims to simplify complex tasks and provide a seamless user experience. Users can access a personalized AI agent that offers tailored support to meet their unique needs. Homam Malkawi and Sully Omar Marouf founded the company recently in April 2023, just about a month ago.

Cognosys AI and ChatGPT are both built on robust AI models. However, they focus significantly on different areas. ChatGPT excels in generating text and engaging in human-like conversations. On the other hand, Cognosys is purpose-built to tackle complex tasks systematically.

The company envisions a future where Cognosys becomes adept at several day-to-day practical tasks. These include interacting with integrated applications, seamlessly managing emails, and handling Google Drive of Dropbox files.

“We’re here to change how people interact with AI,” the company says. “With the backing of esteemed investors and unwavering support of our community, we’re ready to turn our vision into reality.”

Cognosys is forging ahead in the creation of web-based AI agents, like AutoGPT. Without a doubt, AI agents can revolutionize complex technical task management. The company offers users personalized virtual assistants that simplify intricate workflows with effortless efficiency.


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