Masthead’s unique approach to Data Observability draws US$1.3M

 Masthead’s unique approach to Data Observability draws US$1.3M

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Data observability platform Masthead Data has secured US$1.3 million in pre-seed funding in a round led by Focal. The funds raised from this round will be used to expand the company’s operations and reach.

The round saw participation from various investors, including SMOK Ventures, DEPO Ventures, Monochrome, and Alchemist Accelerator. Notable contributions also came from former Uber and Google employees, angel investors from Snowflake, and privacy/security professionals.

Founded by Yuliia Tkachova and Sergey Tkachov in 2022, Masthead Data emerged from Yuliia’s personal experience and frustrations in the data industry. The company aims to address the critical need for data reliability and trust while safeguarding privacy and reducing cloud costs.

One of the biggest fears of executives is using self-serve BI tools and having no way to verify the accuracy of their data. Achieving data observability is a huge challenge for data engineering teams when they have thousands of tables in their warehouse and hundreds of Looker dashboards. Masthead proactively alerts data teams about data or pipeline issues so data engineers can prevent them from affecting business users.”

Yuliia Tkachova, co-founder and CEO of Masthead Data

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Revolutionizing Data Observability with Privacy

Unlike traditional models, which rely on client data and add to computation costs, Masthead Data’s platform runs entirely on logs and metadata. This strategy, according to the company, has two major benefits: data privacy and cost savings. Masthead provides an observability platform by ingesting logs and metadata. This enables data engineering teams to monitor data pipelines, discover abnormalities, and identify mistakes in real-time.

Masthead is currently available for Google Cloud, with plans to expand to other providers in the future. It’s platform integrates with Looker to visualize data pipeline malfunctions, enhancing its usability. The company also boasts a quick installation process, which has led to its adoption by organizations in e-commerce, finance, and various technology domains.

Masthead Data is not without competition. The market hosts several competitors, such as Crossbeam, OtterTune, and Vanti AI. Each competitor brings unique expertise and solutions to the field of AI monitoring and optimization.


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