New AI app Oscar Pocket simplifies waste sorting

 New AI app Oscar Pocket simplifies waste sorting

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Intuitive AI, a Vancouver-based AI-powered waste management solution company, has launched Oscar Pocket, a new AI app. This new app is aims at helping people reduce waste.

Oscar Pocket uses generative AI to help users identify and properly dispose of their waste. The app can identify over 100,000 different products, and it provides clear and concise instructions on how to recycle or compost each item.

The global waste management market was about US$1.6 trillion in size in 2020. The market incurs costs of US$300 billion due to changing regulations and a lack of precise measurement tools. In this context, Oscar Pocket aims to address the problem of waste sorting confusion and to make recycling more accessible and intuitive. Moreover, by providing clear instructions on waste disposal, the app aims to empower individuals and reduce global waste.

We’ve always wanted to make waste sorting and knowledge accessible across the world for the average consumer and with Oscar Pocket this is what we’re actually doing. Oscar Pocket is like Siri, Google or ChatGPT but for reducing your waste, getting better at composting, finding the best way to dispose of your electronics, or getting tips on living a zero-waste lifestyle.”

Hassan Murad, Co-Founder & CEO of Intuitive AI

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Oscar Pocket: New AI app is feature loaded

Through its real-time trash detection capabilities, Oscar Pocket uses the phone’s camera to recognize products first. Then it provides quick and accurate disposal guidance. This feature eliminates guesswork and reduces the frustration often associated with recycling. Users can also ask the app how to recycle specific items, thus eliminating confusion and promoting correct waste sorting practices.

Moreover, the app rewards frequent use, encouraging users to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. In addition to identifying waste, Oscar Pocket also provides users with tips on how to reduce their waste in the first place. The app includes a variety of resources on composting, recycling, and other waste reduction strategies.

Murad and Vivek Vyas together founded the company in 2019. Intuitive AI has gained over 80 Fortune 500 customers and aims to address the global waste crisis. The Oscar Zero-Waste Platform has secured partnerships with leading organizations, including Aramark, to reduce environmental footprints and promote sustainability. Oscar Pocket is an extension of this platform and is currently deployed across multiple continents.

Oscar Pocket is available now for iOS and Android devices. The app is free to download and use.

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