New Apple Vision Pro: Canadians will have to wait a little

 New Apple Vision Pro: Canadians will have to wait a little

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In some big news for the AR/VR industry, Apple has launched its inaugural augmented-reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro. Apple made the announcement at the annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) event earlier this week. The company is referring to the device as the “Spatial Computer”.

The Vision Pro is an ambitious step into the realm of mixed reality. It merges digital content with the physical world to create an augmented-reality environment. Apple has designed the headset with a sleek aesthetic like ski goggles for a comfortable fit, often missing in headsets. In a bid to cater to all users, Apple has partnered with optics manufacturer Zeiss to create magnetic lenses that can be fitted to prescription glasses.

The Vision Pro is being touted as a technological marvel with dual microLED displays boasting a 4K resolution for each eye. This high-resolution visual experience is paired with a comprehensive sensory system that includes 12 cameras, 5 sensors, and 6 microphones. This suite of technology facilitates augmented reality views and allows for the control of the device through hand gestures. For a more personalized experience, the headset also includes IR cameras and LED lights for eye tracking.

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Apple Vision Pro promises next phase in headset evolution

Apple’s new R1 chip, specifically designed for real-time processing, is powering these extensive capabilities. Combined with its proprietary VisionOS software, it creates a seamless and immersive user experience. Users can interact with the Vision Pro using their eyes, voice, and hands, presenting a truly intuitive interaction with the digital world.

According to the company, the Vision Pro promises up to 2 hours of usage with an external high-performance battery. The headset also supports ‘EyeSight,’ a feature which allows the user’s eyes to be visible to others during use, adding a degree of realism to virtual interactions.

Entertainment and productivity features also abound in the Vision Pro. Users can watch movies and create virtual screens with customizable sizes for a personalized viewing experience. The Spatial Audio feature provides an immersive audio experience, enriching the overall usage of the device. Notably, Disney+ will be available on the Vision Pro for virtual reality entertainment. In addition, the device will also support Microsoft Word, Excel, and Teams applications, broadening the device’s appeal beyond leisure to professional use.

The Vision Pro also introduces a novel security feature, OpticID, which uses iris scanning to unlock the device. Apple says the move again showcases its commitment to blending convenience with high-level security.

Apple has priced the Vision Pro at US$3,499 (approximately C$4,700) and plans to make it available in the U.S. early next year. However, the launch date for Canada remains unclear.

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