Ontario Centre of Innovation funds battery tech by TROES

 Ontario Centre of Innovation funds battery tech by TROES

Image courtesy: TROES Corp.

The Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI) has just announced its investment in a unique battery tech project by TROES Corp. While OCI’s investment quantum is undisclosed, it forms part of the company’s CA$1.5 million funding initiative. TROES Corp. is a leader in commercial and industrial battery energy storage technology. The funding supports a project that it’s working on in partnership with Day & Night Solar, LLC, a US-based solar project developer.

The Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN) programme by OCI provided the TROES and Day & Night Solar project funding. OVIN intends to strengthen Ontario’s position as a North American leader in cutting-edge automotive technology and intelligent transportation solutions.

The funded project claims to be making a unique combination of technologies to revolutionize EV charging solutions. It integrates a portable Electric Vehicle (EV) charger, foldable solar panels, smart energy storage, and microgrid control. The project aims to address several market concerns like complex deployment processes, high costs, and increasing demand for EV charging solutions. It also targets to reduce strain on the power grid. The project enables EV charging in non-urban environments without needing permanent infrastructure.

The system delivers power to various locations and claims that it remains self-sustainable without a power grid connection. It incorporates a 533kWh TROES Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), a 50kW solar array, and three EV chargers. Mechanical controls deploy the solar array and activate the system while a 53ft flatbed truck mounts everything.

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TROES & DNS offer innovative battery tech and solar solutions

Based in Ontario, Canada, TROES is an innovative technology company that caters to the commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors. It offers renewable and microgrid-based battery energy storage solutions. It differentiates itself by producing and supplying smart, modular, and adaptable turnkey systems that it designs and manufactures in-house. TROES is propelling the transition to a decentralized energy environment worldwide through its comprehensive “Microgrid-in-a-Box” solution. The solution integrates its proprietary software, as well as modular hardware.

Vienna Zhou founded TROES in 2018, and it’s an acronym for “The Revolution Of Energy Storage”. Before the latest investment by the Ontario Centre of Innovation, TROES had raised a total of US$1.8M over four funding rounds. In February 2021, it raised US$1M in a seed round. Further, the company had raised US$300K in August 2020 from Brinc and US$500K in a pre-seed round in late 2019.

Based in the US, Day & Night Solar (DNS) is a turnkey solar integrator of superior solar technology to guarantee the highest possible energy output and efficiency. DNS concentrates on the supply and delivery of electrical systems that are optimized and that support the ideas of energy saving and sensible use through the application of efficiency, sustainability, and reliability.

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Partnership elicited excitement from all stakeholders

TROES Corp. said it is committed to leading the energy transformation from a centralized to a decentralized grid. In addition, this funding will help revolutionize the renewable energy and energy storage markets.

Vienna Zhou, the CEO, recognizes their unique BESS software & hardware expertise as a factor in securing this funding.

“We are excited to contribute to this innovative energy storage project, which is expected to create hundreds of new jobs in Ontario, helping to further promote the adoption of electric vehicles in the province.”

Vienna Zhou, CEO of TROES Corp.

Bob Eaton, the Managing Member of Day & Night Solar, also shared his excitement about this collaboration. He mentioned that it combines their solar project development expertise with TROES’ advanced battery energy storage technology. He further added that this combination has resulted in an innovative solution for EV charging.

“OCI funding for this unique project will offset the cost to build the portable EV charging station and meet demands for the insufficiency of public EV direct current fast charger infrastructure (DCFC).”

Claudia Krywiak, President and CEO of the Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI)

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Ontario Centre of Innovation has seen buzz of activity in recent weeks

The Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI), formerly the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE)​, has been active for over three decades. The Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation, and Trade in Canada funds the OCI. And it specifically aims to foster innovation throughout Ontario actively.

OCI aims to facilitate vital connections between local innovators and industry professionals. Moreover, it offers financial support to bring Ontario’s intellectual property and solutions to market. Additionally, through initiatives such as the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN), the OCI is working to strengthen Ontario’s standing as a leader in North America for advanced automotive technology and intelligent mobility solutions.

In other developments, earlier this month, OCI awarded a CA$50K research grant to PharmAla Biotech Holdings Inc. in conjunction with the University of Windsor. With the help of the award, PharmAla will apply in-silico modelling, an AI drug discovery technique, to speed up the drug discovery process.

In addition, a few weeks ago, OCI opened an office in Kingston on Kings Street, in the area designated for economic development. The centre will support researchers who are scaling up their work with the intention of commercialization, as well as small and medium business owners.

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