Tenstorrent news: Big LG partnership to make smart TV chips

 Tenstorrent news: Big LG partnership to make smart TV chips

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In major Tenstorrent news, the company announced that it’s joining forces with LG Electronics to revolutionize the smart TV industry. The Tenstorrent LG partnership aims to build a new generation of AI and RISC-V chiplets that will power LG’s future smart TVs. The alliance combines Tenstorrent’s AI computing expertise with LG’s extensive & globally-leading experience in consumer electronics.

By utilizing AI and RISC-V architecture in their chips, LG will achieve enhanced performance, efficient processing, and improved user experiences. The integration of AI capabilities will enable their future smart TVs to offer more intelligent and personalized content recommendations. In addition, it will also enable voice control and seamless integration with other smart devices in the connected home ecosystem. RISC-V is a new, open-standard, instruction set architecture. Further, it bases itself on well-known reduced instruction set computer ideas and competes with Arm Ltd’s Arm architecture.

For more than ten years, LG’s video codec technology has continually been an essential component of TV SoCs used in high-end TVs. Together, Tenstorrent and LG will develop chiplet- and/or IP-based video processing solutions. Notably, these solutions will be incorporated into Tenstorrent’s next data centre products.

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Tenstorrent LG partnership hailed by leadership of both companies

This partnership aligns with the broader trend in the consumer electronics industry, where companies are increasingly incorporating AI capabilities products. The rapid growth of AI technologies has paved the way for more intelligent and intuitive user experiences in smart TVs. Thus, leveraging Tenstorrent’s AI computing expertise and LG’s market presence, the partnership seeks to gain a competitive edge in the evolving smart TV landscape.

“It is increasingly important for industry leaders to own their silicon future. LG is a giant in our industry, and this collaboration will strengthen their portfolio of technologies for their future chip solutions, providing greater flexibility to differentiate their products.”

Jim Keller, CEO of Tenstorrent

“This collaboration is just a beginning. Tenstorrent’s market leading AI and RISC-V CPU technologies will strengthen SoC competitiveness of LG’s future products while our long-time proven video codec technology will help Tenstorrent take control of data center high-performance processor markets. Chiplets will be tested through this collaboration to see whether they can become a technology platform of collaboration. Tenstorrent and LG will share technology roadmaps and keep extending the scope of collaboration.”

Byoung-hoon Kim, CTO of LG

Latest in a series of key Tenstorrent news in recent months

Tenstorrent, a Canadian AI computing startup, specializes in designing computers for training and running artificial intelligence models. Ljubisa Bajic, Ivan Hammer and Milos Trajkovic founded the company in 2016. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, the company also has offices in Austin, Texas, Silicon Valley, Belgrade, Tokyo, and Bangalore. In addition, Eclipse Ventures and Real Ventures have invested in the company, among other investors. 

Earlier in January this year, the company named Jim Keller as its new CEO, elevating his role from CTO that he held since early 2021. Keller is a renowned microprocessor engineer, well-respected in the industry for his work at Intel, AMD and Apple. The company later announced that co-founded & earlier CEO, Ljubisa Bajic, was stepping back from a full time role & will become an advisor.

In addition, just a month ago, the company added Raja M. Koduri, former EVP and Chief Architect at Intel Corporation, to its Board of Directors.

Moreover, in May 2021, the company had raised over US$200M at a US$1 billion valuation, led by Fidelity Management and Research Company.


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