buys Startup Slang for its metaverse shopping tech buys Startup Slang for its metaverse shopping tech

Image courtesy:, a global blockchain investment firm, has announced a strategic deal to purchase Startup Slang, a technology innovation solution provider. Canada-based Startup Slang’s expertise is connecting e-commerce platforms with metaverse experiences through its metaverse shopping technology. aims to leverage Startup Slang’s technology to launch “Shoppable” metaverse products under its subsidiary, Metaverse Group. However, the company has not disclosed the acquisition cost., a Toronto-based publicly-traded company (NEO Exchange Canada: COIN), invests in web3 assets and builds web3 businesses. Web3 is a new internet iteration based on blockchain technology that enables trustless infrastructure to remove intermediaries and central monopolies. Further, web3 assets are digital assets that represent ownership and value in web3 applications.

Startup Slang has developed a proprietary technology called “Shoppable”. This technology allows brands to create customizable gamified experiences for customers and sell their products in an immersive way. Shoppable metaverse products are virtual goods that can be purchased in the metaverse and delivered in the physical world. For instance, a user can buy a digital version of a real-world product in a metaverse game and receive the physical product at home. This can create seamless shopping experiences that help close the divide between the online and offline worlds.

Startup Slang claims to be the first to include a Shopify Plus store inside a mobile game. One of its big successes is Shoppable integration in “Design Home”, a mobile game with 100M+ downloads. Players can adorn interior design locations in the game with items from well-known interior décor brands. At the same time, these items are made available for in-game purchase and delivery in the real world. Using middleware solutions, this new technology further connects the real and virtual worlds and facilitates seamless shopping experiences.

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Both and Startup Slang tout the deal’s significance

Both companies expect to benefit from the deal in several ways. will gain access to Startup Slang’s proprietary technology, customer base, brand portfolio, and operational expertise. It will be able to launch new Shoppable metaverse products to attract new customers and generate new revenue streams. Further, it aims to leverage Startup Slang’s existing e-commerce and web3 partnerships to create new opportunities and collaborations in the metaverse.

“We know that three-dimensional marketing is the way of the future, this is evident with all the money tech giants like Apple are spending in creating wearable headsets. It has been challenging finding the right solutions to connect products in digital experiences to e-commerce but by acquiring the Startup Slang team and their IP, gives Metaverse Group an added advantage to further enhance gamified shopping experiences.”

Andrew Kiguel, CEO

Startup Slang hopes to benefit from’s blockchain technology and investment capabilities, as well as its public market exposure. It plans to diversify revenue by entering the web3 and metaverse markets, which are expected to grow exponentially. In addition, it could enhance its brand and customer loyalty by offering innovative products and experiences in the digital realm.

“By joining our Shoppable metaverse technology with and Metaverse Group, we plan to scale these types of deployments and allow brands to add an additional e-commerce source of revenue to their businesses through the metaverse. This will be a pivotal move towards the public’s mass adoption of the metaverse.”

Damiano Raveenthiran, founder and former CEO of Startup Slang

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The company recently completed the acquisition of Metaverse Group completed the full acquisition of Metaverse Group, a metaverse real estate firm, just last month. The company already had significant ownership in the Metaverse Group since October 2021, when it bought a 50% stake in a deal worth US$1.6M. It purchased the remaining stake for an additional investment of just over US$925K in’s public shares.

Axis Technologies Group (AXTG), BIGG Digital Assets (BBKCF), Canaccord Genuity Group (CCORF), and Cathedra Bitcoin (CBTTF) are’s key competitors. China International Capital (CNICF), CoinShares International (CNSRF), Computershare (CMSQF), DMG Blockchain Solutions (DMGGF), flatexDEGIRO (FNNTF), and Galaxy Digital (BRPHF) are other players in the market.

Now, by combining their strengths in e-commerce, metaverse development, blockchain technology, and investing, and Startup Slang will be able to offer unique products and experiences to their customers in the digital space.

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