Truly Financial brings the “Non-Stop Founders” Lounge as Collision Conference returns

 Truly Financial brings the “Non-Stop Founders” Lounge as Collision Conference returns

Image courtesy: Truly Financial

The highly-anticipated Collision Conference is back in Canada today, and takes place on 27-29 June in Toronto. With its many events and networking opportunities, it’s bound to be a hectic affair for founders. Truly Financial, a leading global business bank for new age companies and startups, has put together a service for all those “tired” founders who need respite during all the hustle and bustle of Collision.

The company calls it the “Non-Stop Founders” Lounge and it’ll be available to the founders on all three days. It aims to empower all the founders to balance networking, as well as business operations. Founders typically work non-stop due to the very nature of startups. The “Non-Stop Founders” Lounge is serving as a dedicated space for founders. Besides taking care of any urgent work or Zoom calls, they can meet potential partners, investors or clients at the lounge.

Truly Financial focuses on new-age companies with international growth ambitions. It’s the first neobank with service available across North America to US and Canadian companies. It provides local checking accounts in the US, Canada, UK, and EU, as well as the ability to receive, hold, and pay in 34 currencies. With free wire transfers, local currency payout to 50+ countries, and corporate cards, Truly Financial aims to transform the banking experience for entrepreneurs.

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Truly Financial Lounge available for booking online

Key features of Truly Financial’s “Non-Stop Founders” Lounge include:

  • Tranquil environment: Peaceful and quiet atmosphere, allowing founders to concentrate on work among the hustle and bustle of the conference
  • Spacious accommodation: Accommodation for up to 30 people at a time to ensure founders can work comfortably without space constraints
  • Convenient booking: Founders can easily book in advance online and hassle-free

“At Truly Financial, we understand the unique challenges faced by founders who are constantly juggling between networking and managing their business. The Non Stop Founders Lounge is designed to empower them with a dedicated space where they can take a breather, catch up on work, and strike the right balance.”

Kanchan Kumar, Co-founder & CEO of Truly Financial

To learn more about the Non-Stop Founders Lounge or to make a booking, founders can visit

To top it off, the company is also offering free rickshaw rides around the event. These seem to have been very well received in the early part of Collision’s first day.

Collision Conference is back, amidst controversy about its future in Canada

Collision Conference is renowned as the largest gathering of the startup ecosystem in North America. It attracts entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders from around the world. The conference has returned to Toronto after some speculation about its future in the country in past couple of months. Specifically, recent weeks saw heightened uncertainty about whether it will be hosted in Canada in 2024 & beyond.

However, Collision officially announced recently that it will be back in Toronto in 2024 as well. This new deal seems to be a one-year deal only with city of Toronto. The conference originally had a three year deal with the city in 2018. It was later extended by two years as 2020 and 2021 editions were held online due to the pandemic.

The success of the ongoing edition will probably have a bearing on Collision’s future in Canada. In the meantime, conference attendees can take advantage of the opportunities it offers, while taking a breather at Truly’s Non-stop Founders Lounge.

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